Tuesday, September 23, 2008


New Eagles from HEROIC CLASS XXVIII soared to great heights in the Heroic Leadership Seminar in Abucay, Bataan held last April 14-20, 2008. The 37 new eagles are the following: Zahra Abdulwahid, Disen Abella, Audrey Aborde, Ida Arrojado, Neva Baraquel, Jerome Bautista, Anton Bautista, Let-let Bellosillo, Leah Buhain, Xandra Cardenas, Mina Casaje, Ritchie Chan, Loewi de Luna, Lulu Dee, Carol Donato, Nasrin Fard, Peter Felix, Lourdes Felix, Shiela Gonzales, Mabel Granada, Arthur Grandeza, Pepet Macachor, Soky Manlapat, Gjay Martinez, Jane Mata, Aimee Mercado, Red Molleda, Marlo Parentela, Johnny Pasatiempo, Eileen Prudon, Fritzie Rojas, Phyna Serrano, Catherine Suelto, Maricel Sy, Santi Umali, Cristina Sitoy and Nit-nit Wong.

The seven-day action-packed seminar was filled with life-changing experiences, powered by the inner reservoir of energy and vitality from the new eagles.

The group was welcomed by the staff (eagles) led by Erika Que, Staff Director and Vickie Vicente, Program Director. Other members of the staff include Kate Lacson, Ivy Lee, JP Prieto, Sharon Que, Jed Quiambao, Noreen Arrojado, Baby Bellosillo, Tristan Mirasol, Fish Florencio, Nelen Herrera and Arlene de Luna.

The group who said YES to be in hiatus for 7 days composed the Heroic Leadership Seminar Class XXVIII. They were presented with pride to Guru Kokoy Reonisto who led them to their “nests” nestled amidst luscious green mountains under the blue sky.

This conducive environment contributed to their quest to become effective leaders who focus attention to action and RESULTS.

Here’s what the new eagles said about their 7-day journey…

“It was a crazy week for a golden girl like me but it sure beats hormonal pills to get back the zest for life.” – Lourdes

“I’ve learned to love myself, accept myself completely and believe in myself.” – Zahra

“It taught me how to let go of my past experiences and gave me courage to love again.” – Nit-nit

“The Heroic Leadership course is a very potent morale-boosting mechanism that helped me conquer my unfounded fears and pushed me to the limits of my God-given talents and skills.” – Red

“It was an invigorating experience.” – Mabel

“It showed me the true value of life and finding happiness in everyone. It taught me how to be independent and that we can achieve anything if we just believe.” – Let-let

“Heroic Leadership Seminar has moved me higher in my level of personal consciousness which gives me faith that from now on, my expansion comes swiftly.” – Gjay

“It made me realize that despite the decision to slow down, I’m more aware of the abundance that is available for me, that everything we need is just a thought away.” – Neva

“Heroic truly bares it all, letting you see a completely renewed world!” – Jerome

“Be thankful to God for the small and big things, knowing that there are people who are in greater need. Praise and appreciate small things and greater things will come.” – Arthur

“Unforgettable.” – Aimee

“It has awakened the hero inside of me.” – Nasrin

“It was incredible!” – Leah

“It was an exhilarating experience for me and through it I realized the importance of trusting myself again.” – Fritzy

“It was a wonderful life-transforming ideological breakthrough experience.” – Johnny
“Heroic Leadership unleashes the hidden potential of each person, in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect.” – Disen

“It was really an unforgettable experience. I was able to overcome my fear and inhibitions in life. I’m proud of myself that I’m one of the eagles now and that I am free.” – Maricel

“The Heroic experience moved me beyond the circumference I set for myself. The experience let me see things from above and beyond. How wonderful they are!” – Santi

“The Heroic Leadership Seminar unleashed the natural greatness that has been hiding inside me all my life.” - Ida

“Heroic encapsulates the sense and essence of being destined for greatness.” – Lulu

“I don’t have to wait for myself to plummet before I haul myself to the summit.” – Soky

“What I saw in 7 days was enough to affirm my faith in human potential for the rest of my life.” – Peter

“I learned to be loving and patient while being true to myself.” – Ritchie

“Heroic is where I learned how to conquer my fears and see opportunities amidst difficulties.” – Catherine

“The power of mind, one point perspective, thinking positive thoughts will create positive energy and will result to a positive outcome.” – Phyna

“A must-attend for PSI Basic Leadership graduates.” – Pepet

“It’s amazing how I conquered my fears!” – Mina

“Love yourself and you can easily give love back a thousandfold.” – Eileen

“It was a personally exhilarating experience.” – Carol

“Everyone has the ability to soar high, just believe in ourselves.” – Shiela

“Refreshing and enlightening.” – Audrey

“The seminar made me do things I never thought I could do. I’m glad I’m an eagle now!” – Jane

“I totally let go all my fears which I carried for 20 years… now I fully understand the true meaning of loving oneself.” – Marlo

“It was no coincidence… I was meant to be an eagle.” – Xandra

The Heroic Leadership Seminar is conducted by PSI annually, and is aimed at drawing out one’s leadership potential and awakening the Hero within every one. The key impact of the seminar is focused on leadership inspired by a vision and contribution to the world.

by: Jane Mata

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